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Data Recovery of Deleted Folder and Files
If you have journaling enabled (FrontView>System>Performance), might not be much chance of recovering it.
- Accidently Deleted a folder
If you had the Recycle Bin enabled, could restore it from there. After that, it gets tricky and difficult.
If Journaling (System>Performance) is enabled, there is a slim chance of recovery. Should also not use the

- Windows and Deleted Files on Mapped Shares
The ReadyNas has a Recycle Bin feature. Hopefully you had this turned on. Open the share.
In View > Folder Options (or similar) change the settings to view hidden files and folders.
Where do you turn on the Recycle Bin Feature? I don't think I have it turned on...
Under Shares > Share Listing > sharename > CIFS.
Accidentally deleting files is an important reason to maintain good backups.

Accidentally deleted a file. How to recover file undelet --
The ReadyNAS does have the option to enable a recycle bin for each share. You can check to see
if it's enabled by going into Frontview > Shares > Share Listing and then click on the CIFS tab for the
desired share. Scroll down to see if it's enabled and what the settings are:

If it's enabled, there would be a folder called "Recycle Bin" on the root of the share that contains the
deleted file(s). In the example below, I have deleted a file called "Test.doc" from the reports share and now
it exists in the Recycle Bin folder:

If the recycle bin option is not enabled, but snapshots are, you can see if the file still exists in the
share-snap folder, where share is the name of the share that contained the deleted file(s). Before backing
up each night, I take a snapshot of the shares. As you can see, the Test.doc file still exists in it's original
location in the reports share:

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